Have You Upgraded Yourself To Video Yet?

Have You Upgraded Yourself To Video Yet?

More organizations today are turning to animated graphics and video to tell their story, get the word out about a new product or service and even recruit employees. No matter how hard you try, some people will never “get the real info” from a piece of text that you have written until they see a quick clear video about what you are trying to say.

We went around asking our customers, friends and colleagues about why watching a piece of animated graphics or a live shot video changed their perspective or made them act in a positive way towards a particular product.

Here are some of the excerpts.

“A good video and some really inspiring music can make a stronger connection than just plain old static presentations and leaflets”.

“I love any graphic that goes over a complicated process, it’s just not that easy to forget”.

“Whenever I post a link to a new blog post that says ‘video,’ traffic increases”.

“Having an infographic with just the right designs can make such a big difference. You don’t need words… makes it easier to tap into foreign markets”.

“Motion graphic videos have promoted my business so much that I honestly feel I couldn’t have got these many clients myself”.

As a video production and motion graphics boutique we were overwhelmed to see so many people embracing this ‘new’ tool of communication. But the concept of motion graphics isn’t new: You’ve seen them in TV ads when text zooms across the screen or an illustration comes to life. Smaller businesses are still skeptical about the power and worth of these graphics though.

But here’s the skinny:

Nothing builds trust, gets people interested, and makes sales like a good video jam packed with motion graphics and animation. So what are its benefits?

1) Put some Soul into your Presentation

Don’t be the company or the speaker that has bored the entire house. PowerPoint presentations are the norm but are they the best way to communicate your message? You have to follow what is written on the screen. Nobody is listening to you. Slides with a bunch of words, bars and charts don’t do much to engage your audience. However, a well produced infographic with engaging visuals can capture the attention of your audience immediately.

2) Hook your Audience

If you have a website, be smart and do away with big images and flashy flash animations that just take ages to load. You are just confusing your potential customers and also for the clickity clickers the page will just not load fast enough.

Keep your website clean with the most important information only and let your video do all the talking and engage a potential customer.

3) What are you Providing?

People gain a better understanding of a product or service once they see and hear it. A graphical video helps you to connect better with your potential customer by explaining what your business can do for them better than anyone else. Do not depend only on text to pass your message. Not all of the audience will interpret it the same.

4) Fans Fans Fans

Unleash your video to the world. Upload it to innumerable video websites in hopes of it to go viral. Don’t forget that your audience might be watching this on their smartphones, and phablets. It pays to upload it to services like YouTube and Vimeo as they are compatible with today’s ever-changing technology. Your wonderful video or animation is also now easily shareable by all.

Quick Fact – Did you know that every single minute, 72 hours of video are uploaded to sites like vimeo and youtube?

5) Personality

Let your customers know what sort of a company or person you are. By the language and style presented in the video or infographic you can  make a huge difference in the way you or your business is perceived. Make that one new customer knock on your door again… and again… and again… just put your personality into it.

Motion graphics, infographics and live shot videos help you and your business with sales, popularity, and also spells out your product successfully. So if you are giving a presentation at a forthcoming conference or in the middle of making your product or brand stand out from the rest, then think about getting some graphics or videos to do help you nail it.

I hope that this post has been of some use to you and I have been able to provide you with merits of the use of video and animation as a ‘new’ communication tool.

I would love to hear your comments and observations.

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